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The Perfect Triangle 120

Episode 120  :  🌶🌶  Special guest Jason Kessler is a freelance journalist and activist who has written for VDARE, Daily Caller and GotNews, as well as his own site JasonKessler.us. He has been covered by outlets around the world, including OANN, Washington Post, New York Times, BBC, CNN, DailyMail and Fox News. His journalism has covered topics ranging from illegal immigration, to free speech & Left-wing extremism. In 2017, Jason was the permit holder for the famous Unite the Right rally, which was sabotaged when police stood down and allowed Left-wing militants to attack the event. Since then he has dedicated himself to exposing the government misconduct at the event. He still writes for VDARE and UNZ, including a popular expose on the Antifa doxxing movement in 2021.

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