Right Perspective Radio With Davis Lurmann
Right Perspective Radio With Davis Lurmann
Right Perspective Radio 051

Right Perspective Radio With Davis Lurmann #051 – 24 June 2024 – Fish Swim. Birds Fly. Jews Lie. 1488.

NOW 3 HOURS LONG! Davis will deconstruct and question conventional narratives, unpack current events using key sound-bites, media deconstruction, deep analysis and commentary, providing historical context and forecasting what’s to come. Davis shared his research on a remarkable Palestinian Hero who exposed the vile kikes for what they are: vile kikes. Davis embraces his White Nationalism and conjures the quickest ways to achieve Juden Frei! Statutory Paul and Giuseppe fill in for Davis tonight.

Strap in and strap on for a a show that will make you laugh, make you cry and make you wonder way. Great calls for Call-In Friday. Lots of laughs with Guests Giuseppe Vafanculo, Always Honest and Statutory Paul!

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